If there really is a bounty on Goldgills’ “pretty little fins”, do you think this guy can get at least an ide for his efforts?

Don’t worry, the fin slice didn’t hurt. There are no nerves in there! Which is why salamandrians are so quick to pierce and put rings and other jewelry in their crests. It doesn’t bother them at all.
…It will take a while to grow back, though.

Thanks for the engagement congrats on the last update!! I promise the comic is gonna actually get rolling again now, because I’m really excited for everything after this point. This fight scene was just a huge hurdle to get over, hence it taking me a literal year. I quite enjoyed the designs for this saucy little rogue trio, but actually depicting some of the stuff I wrote out for myself was a major struggle. “YEAH HE’S GONNA SWING A SWORD AROUND WITH HIS TONGUE AND SOMEONE’S GONNA TRY TO DECAPITATE HIM WITH A KNIFE BUT MISS AND JUST CUT PART OF HIS FIN OFF, AWESOME!” I said, and then I had to actually draw it. Coming up soon enough though, you’ll see more new faces… and some familiar ones!

There will also be a nice big fan art update before the next update, for which we’re overdue! Because we have lovely friends and patient readers. See you next time!