Hello friends! It’s been a little while since our last update. I offer my apologies, and a bit of an explanation.

On Sunday, my Surface charger fried (literally, the wire inside snapped and burned through the casing), leaving me unable to draw for a few days until we got a replacement.

On Monday, I was let go from my job, for financial and not performance reasons (and I was one among seven).

Now, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine, and I already have a few leads on new opportunities. The comic should actually be more reliable than ever for a while. But in the worst case, I may need to offer commissions if I hope to retain any spending money for myself or advertising budget for the comic. It’s always been the case that donations you guys make here go directly to site and advertising expenses, and that won’t change. Anyway, I just felt you guys should know. I’d love to live off of art alone someday, but I don’t feel quite ready for that yet…!

In better news, Victor fixed a problem with the fanart page in addition to my updates to the avatar and wallpaper pages recently. It’s a great time to check out “extras” if you haven’t in a while!