Welcome to Heir of Silverskull! If you’re wondering what’s going on, you can scroll to the bottom if you’re on the main page, or just click here!

These first three pages are a little intro to set the mood. Come back Friday for another one (and also by then we should have a new banner that says we update Mondays and Fridays- that’s kind of important), and Monday for the last one, and then next Friday the real story gets started.

I could have just uploaded these prologue pages all at once, but hey, I’m proud of each of them. Plus- when you see the first couple “real” pages, you’ll understand I needed to buy myself all the time I could get, haha. (HELP, THEY ARE KILLING ME)

Seriously, I’m so excited that my fingers are clumsy jelly and my heart is pounding as I’m about to hit the “publish” button on this new comic venture. I’ve missed this, and I’ve missed you all, so much- and I’m a better artist than I’ve ever been. So let’s get started, shall we?

PS: Thanks to Victor for programming our new “start of chapter” button today!!