Hello! Congrats on making it to the bottom of the page! This post aims to provide some info for new folks or people who haven’t checked this site in years and are now coming back and thinking “hold on, where’s the shark guy?”

The Fourth is currently on hiatus until life circumstances are more favorable for me and Victor to continue its story with the quality and humor we think it deserves. Heir of Silverskull is a side project taken on by me (Courtney) mostly solo, with minor editing and narrative help from Victor, and will be updating Mondays and Fridays until its story is told.

This is a sequel to the events of The Fourth’s part two: chapter three, “The First Key”- or, as I’ve often just affectionately called it, “the pirate arc”. You can read that story starting here, although it likely will not make much sense if you haven’t read the rest of the comic that leads up to it. Heir of Silverskull will recap the events of that chapter, and aims to be enjoyable whether or not you have read anything else of The Fourth. If you’re just here for pirates, it’s up to you how much you engage beyond that; much like Chapter Zero, Heir is a completely self-contained story that can stand on its own. You can click the “start of chapter” button to be taken to the beginning of Heir of Silverskull.

For old readers: this story is about Goldgills and his crew, and will not feature the main characters of The Fourth whatsoever. Its intention is to flesh out the world of Idenau beyond the hero-villain dichotomy of Blank and Skärva. If you’d like some more detailed info about what to expect and my thought process going in, you can read more on its reveal page.

And if you’re new here, don’t think the rest of the site is only relevant to the “main” comic! You might enjoy checking out the Worldbuilding page (under “About” in the menu up top) to learn about the kingdom of Idenau and its many species, holidays, magical metaphysics, and more. Have a poke around!

Thanks for reading!
-Courtney <3