Hi friends!

When I set out to make this comic, I really wanted to update twice a week because of how excited I am to share these characters and this adventure with others. However, I accepted that I may not be able to maintain this schedule longterm for one reason or another.

After a few months of work, I’ve come to realize that two updates a week just isn’t sustainable. I’ve fought against making this decision for a while, but it’s been in the back of my head constantly as I realized I’ve been spending pretty much all my spare time on the comic, and that as a result, any interruption to my health or any other unexpected life events (case in point, the entire weekend I just spent dealing with computer tech issues) would cause me to fall behind and perhaps miss an update. I have basically no wiggle room at all. Not to mention that I hardly get to work on any other art! That’s no way to live, working on something I love but also feeling held captive by it.

With the amount of effort and content I’ve been packing into each page, I think it’s more than enough value for a once-weekly update. The downside, of course, is that this story will take longer to tell. But personally, I don’t mind; the only problem would be if it delays The Fourth coming back, but there’s no guarantee that would happen immediately upon Heir’s end, anyhow. And hey, if we’re ready to get started with the main comic again before Goldgills’ story is done, we’ll have extra time to get ahead and make sure everything we have planned is just right.

This story has become a big part of my life already, so there’s a happiness in knowing that it will be with me longer than I had expected. I hope you enjoy it being a part of your lives for just as long. And the good news is: we’ve gotten past what I would consider the long intro/set-up to the real meat of the story, so even as it slows down a bit, I hope you’ll enjoy and be interested in what’s to come!

Oh- Mondays, by the way. I’ll get the banner updated soon. Sorry to waste an update like this, but like I said, all my weekend went down the toilet so I didn’t have a page ready anyway, and I wanted to get people’s attention.

But hey, come back on this particular Friday anyway. Because… Havocfest.

Thanks for reading,