So, Courtney and I are thinking about knocking the update frequency down to two days a week for the rest of the summer. I know it seems a bit silly, but we actually have less free time now than we do during the semester, since we both get home from full day jobs feeling very tired. Courtney simply hasn’t had enough time to get ahead on the comic, and as it is she sacrifices all her free time to it.

Therefore, what we’d like to do is switch to Monday and Friday updates, with a possible mini-update on Wednesdays. What that would mean is you’d get the usual updates on Monday and Friday, but we could have a regular update on Wednesday that just isn’t as demanding as a full comic. Before we start doing that regularly, though, we need to decide what it’s going to be. That is where you readers come in.

Think about what you’d like to see most, besides a third comic. For example, we could simply make small pictures like today’s every Wednesday, or we could try to flesh out an aspect of Idenau, or anything else you might think of. Just let us know what other content you’d be interested in seeing, and we’ll consider it as a possible Wednesday update option.