The title of this page was an original working title for the comic as a whole. (That or “Captain Goldgills and the Eternal Castaways,” which sounds like it’s part of some epic young-adult series and was probably too much of a mouthful.) But then I decided to try a little thing called “not enabling people to guess what this story was actually about until we got there.”

Death in Idenau enables people to return to spiritual wholeness in the magical plane, from which all consciousness comes, the realm of the gods in their purest form. So dying is ultimately not a bad thing- in fact, it’s theologically considered a good thing, considering how many of the gods’ own curses delay the act of passing on. But for understandable reasons, the god who presides over this act of destruction is still widely regarded with some amount of fear. With justification, I suppose! Turns out he can be a little petty.