Update: I ended up needing a couple weeks off to adjust to my new job and finish up some other projects. We’ll be back on April 18th for sure! Thanks for your patience. (Love, Courtney)

Hey all, I have some news! I’m starting a new job this week! This is the first non-self-employed job I’ve had in quite a few years, and you’re probably thinking “oh no, she won’t have time to work on the comic,” but it’s actually the exact opposite. Times in my life where I’ve had a steady schedule and been secure about money have been the healthiest periods for The Fourth in general. I may take a while to stabilize and miss an update or two as I adjust to a new schedule and prioritize my workplace, but it’s going to be a great thing for my life overall.

Anyway, enjoy the new characters!! There’s one more, but you’ll meet him next time.