Page 199!

I’m changing the way I color Cyril’s eyebrows. >_> I’ll go back and retcon yesterday’s strip over the weekend.

In honor of our 200th page coming up, I’ve been making a few changes to the site! (Also because I’ve had some downtime at work.) For one thing, all the comics are now categorized into chapters, which should make it a *bit* easier to go through the archives as well as help to organize our story better. (I would like to make title pages for each chapter eventually, but that’s not in the near future.) Also, I set up a new Gallery under “Extras” where I can post any extra art I do for The Fourth that doesn’t appear within the comic itself. I also added a couple new things to the fan art page. Is a drawing of yours there? If not, it should be! Free publicity AND my eternal gratitude could be yours!