Hey, did you guys all notice the avatars that we put up yesterday? You can find them here or on the cast page. Feel free to use them, just be sure to tell everyone where you got the spiffy icon… or at the very least, take a look and smile with nostalgia at all the wacky faces. It’s like a scrapbook of The Fourth, or at least a collection of those awkward school photos where you’re always making a stupid face.



I enjoyed making this comic, but I also feel really, really bad about it. But don’t worry, Skärva! There are plenty of other fish in the sea! (…You see, it’s funny because of the shark thing.)

The fact that Derk is not visible in the fourth panel makes one question what “friend” he is talking about.

In fact, Derk died. He actually starved. That’s why he’s only in one panel of this comic before disappearing. FOREVER. (But I’m just kidding, right? I guess you’ll have to come back on Friday to find out.)