When Skärva says “force”, he means making Derk do all the work.

So, some of you reading this are new to the site. Hello! Welcome to our webcomic! You hopefully saw our ad on some other webcomic, probably one of my favorites. That is just excellent! We hope you stick with us. The comic isn’t much right now, but, it’s only gonna get better.

Oh hey and, we sure would appreciate it if you’d post comments, and would be ENDLESSLY INDEBTED TO YOU if you tell your friends about our comic. So… see you Wednesday!

P.S. We should have a little surprise for all our readers in the coming days. MAYBE TODAY EVEN??? Whenever it shows up, it will be beneath this post.


Skärva has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. Why do you think they’re so poofy?! But he can’t do anything truly powerful right now… partly because of the injury, but mostly, well, you’ll find out.

I just want you to know that I am particularly fond of this page, because I could not get over the fact that they are bushes, and how cute they are. It was super fun to draw them in a different form.