Howdy! This is my third year participating in the neato Webcomic Artist Swap Project, or WASP! This one coming to us courtesy of Cherish York!

Past comics:
2016 by Francesca Dare
2017 by Hari Conner

You can see my contribution to the project here, or check out the whole collection! (And read Hoof Fellas – the comic I drew for – it’s really good!! You’re already here because you like weird monstrous villainous-type characters, so why not check out a comic about the devil’s brother?)


You’re getting a new page of the ACTUAL STORY on Monday as well! And then… hopefully regularly at least once a week for a long time to come! As well as an explanation of what I’ve been doing, because Courtney DON’T YOU LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS ANYMORE? (The answer is yes, I’ve just had to prioritize differently these past few months…)

See ya soon <3