But let me tell you where we’ve been.

As you may know, last year Victor and I were unhappy with our current situations in various ways, and spent a good amount of our time and energy fretting about moving across the country. This left us with very little of our respective creative sparks with which to be funny and make comics. In the fall, we finally were able to move, and have spent the past few months more or less recovering.

I’ve also been unemployed since then. You might think a jobless person would have had all the time in the world to work on the comic, but in truth, I’ve thrown all of my art stamina into commissions and anything that might make me a bit of money. The Fourth is my labor of love, which I value above all things, but no one is paying me to make it. And that’s perfectly fine, when I have more income! …But I felt I had to de-prioritize it recently. During the past few months of making art almost exclusively thanks to the payment of others, however, I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself (in a good way!) to be the best I can be. I can confidently say I’ve had a blast and seen myself improve greatly, both when it comes to my pace and my quality of output.

But lately I’ve decided, heck. Job or not: I miss The Fourth too much and I’m really quite sad whenever I think of it, and the big hole in my life that these characters leave when I’m not drawing their adventures.

So we’re back, with the goal to update at least once a week (ideally on Mondays). Watch this space!

Thanks for waiting. We love you.

And if you’re interested in helping me out a little monetarily, and like Cuphead or just a classic cartoon style, I’m doing these commissions! There’s also, of course, the Patreon where you can see extra Fourth stuff and even tell me to draw whatever you want.

I’ve also been streaming my art process a lot lately, including almost all of this comic, with a playlist of gaming music that’s been described as VERY GOOD by several people. You can follow me here!

FINALLY… what I have been doing for the comic is ever so gradually and painstakingly touching up and finalizing the pages of Chapter Zero, to make it the prettiest and best dang work I’m capable of. It’s about two-thirds done and should be finished by the summer, I hope! And then we’ll put it in a lovely PDF you can share with your friends, and we might even print it??? Who knows!