I had a lot to say last time, but this time it’s just: thanks for your patience with the slightly late updates. I should have time to catch back up again this week!

Oh, and… I really appreciate the support so far on this story that is so very special to me. Thank you so much. I spend like 12 hours on each page of this comic in the off chance someone will enjoy it and see something in it that makes them happy, so any word of interest is what keeps me going. Things have changed a lot since the days when we started The Fourth, and these days I get most of my feedback externally (twitter, discord, and so on). But don’t be shy with leaving a comment right here on the site! I love them!

OH YEAH, I guess one more thing. I should say that if you want to read the adventure on the Sunken Isle in a much longer format, you should start, uh… here I guess! My art goes through a lot of growth in that arc, and I’m still awful fond of the story which I just unceremoniously squished into two pages. But again, you totally don’t have to, if you want to enjoy the rest of Heir of Silverskull- these recap pages exist for a reason, and the exact details of that old work are unimportant to the themes and further adventures that we’ll be dealing with ahead. (I do like that if you click that page, you’ll be immediately greeted with Skärva living up to the view the pirates have of him here.)