This is the tenth page, and our month anniversary! Thank you for reading!

I also have to thank Victor, who’s been more involved in this project than I thought he would be. He’s been giving me feedback on every page, and while usually suggestions are minimal, this one got reworked pretty hard. I originally envisioned this scene as a one-on-one between Goldgills and the Terrible Eel Lady, taking place some minutes into the future when his crew had all gone off to get more drinks or go to the bathroom or something and he was drinking alone and already getting depressed. I thought it would be more dramatic (and, uh, easier to draw) that way, but Victor was confused that his crew would leave him – and he was right. They wouldn’t- at least not all of them at once- and he suggested the scene take place immediately following the previous comic. Sometimes I get so attached to a vision of a scene in my head, even if it doesn’t make the most sense. While it was certainly extra effort to work the rest of the crew in there, it’s ALWAYS worth it to get the chance to show you more of how much these pirates care about each other. Plus I got to draw some good Louis faces, so yeah, definitely worth.

Speaking of things that are worth something(?)… I really hate doing this, but hey, we’re at ten pages now and I hope they speak for themselves with how much effort I’ve been putting into each and every single one. I’ve given up like 90% of my leisure time to work on this over the past month, and that will continue at least until we get out of this gods-forsaken bar scene. So! IF you’ve been enjoying the comic and IF, only IF, you have some doubloons rattling around in your treasure chest that you have NOTHING better to do with, maybe you could buy ME a round of grog? I have a tip jar here! I won’t bring it up too much, and when I do I’ll probably bury it under another delightful anecdote about Victor and his brilliant editing suggestions.