Having a job at Castle Skärva is actually a pretty good deal. As can be imagined, the Third played a big part in making the castle a very good workplace. But to actually discuss what working at Castle Skärva is like, you have to go beyond the Tiberius Skärva line and back to a point when the Lord Skärva was a lord just like any other in the kingdom.

Although it hasn’t been depicted in the comics so far, the Castle Skärva you’ve seen is actually a castle in the middle of a well-sized town that is situated behind the outer walls. Like any fiefdom, people settled around their lord for protection as well as to try and make a living and provide goods and services, and the Skärva family made part of their fortune in taxes from their subjects. This is the origin of the town as it was before the Skärva family curse. After the curse, the town saw a heavy decrease in its population – but all the structures were still available. When the Third came into power, he quickly spent a part of the family fortune restoring the town to make it a kind of city that would be supported by all of his employees. Technically anyone who lives in the town works for the Skärva family, from bakers to blacksmiths to the minions who live in the castle.

The reason some minions live in the castle is to serve as protection – but also it’s mainly the younger minions and old ghosts. Lurkins and flish who have worked for the family for a while tend to take up residence in the town and perhaps start a family. The workers who live on the castle grounds get a meager salary that they tend to spend on goods and services in the town, but get room and board at the castle. Minions who live in the town tend to have a higher income but must settle their own living situations.

Of course, health services are usually provided free since Blank tends to come and do some heavy damage. The Skärva family usually pays for any home repairs needed, as well.

Naturally, the ghosts of Castle Skärva don’t need to work to live or eat. However, many of them have been dead for long enough that a ghostly existence has become monotonous, and work provides them with interesting challenges, or at least something to pass the time. Many of the ghosts are the remaining cursed household of the First, and some still feel a strong loyalty to the Skärva house. Cattail Crossing is a popular haunt for the castle’s ghosts on nights and weekends when they need a break.