A group of young plants find themselves rooted to the spot in Wilderfall’s little-used prison. The Wilderfellian rebels, who call themselves the “Mother’s Favorites,” were arrested last week for breaking into the Mother Tree’s sanctuary. A one-of-a-kind Lii Flower was reported missing, and the Mother’s caretakers report that a new one has not yet begun to grow. Experts claim that the sacred tree suffers anxiety and distress from missing any of Idenau’s plants at a given time, but estimate that she will make a full recovery.

“We were making a statement,” said the leader of the faction. “All the mother’s children belong out in the world, not stuck up where the elders can control them.”

“And that goes for us too,” he added. “Can we come out now?”

Connections between the Lii Flower and the love potion used by Lord Tiberius Skärva the Fourth in his most recent scheme are being investigated. While a few of Wilderfall’s guards claim to have seen some of Skärva’s minions asking about the rare flower on the very day of the crime, they were reportedly turned away without incident.

“Besides, those guys couldn’t steal the leaves off a tree in autumn,” said one guard. “Although the dead lady was scary. She yelled at me.”

Any connection between Skärva’s forces and the Lii incident remain unsubstantiated. For their part, the Mother’s Favorites refuse to talk.

“Yeah, maybe we have friends out in the world,” said the group’s leader, “people who share our cause and are gonna take it far beyond Wilderfall. And if so, well? We’re not about to rat them out.”