Reader kgy121 recently asked a… number of questions. I can answer a couple of them for you now!

“Is the Captain the captain of ALL the pirates in the town, or are there factions?
Is the princess the commander in chief for the Navy and such?”

First of all, there are various pirate crews operating in Idenau, and while they tend to have preferred bases, they do a lot of traveling around the coasts and outlying islands to pursue the activity of shipping. So their movement and location is fluid, as well as their allegiances; sometimes they act as rivals and other times they team up. There are certainly several pirate bands hanging around town right now; the pirates at Shiver (the bar) who didn’t attack Skärva and company were from other crews, for instance.

Formally, the royal family is in charge of all military operations in Idenau, including the Navy. This includes the princess as she is an adult, although the King and Queen (yes, they exist!) would override even her if they wished. However, as Idenau is at peace (except for the villainous uprisings from within, which are easily enough squelched by the Hero), these powers are rarely relevant.

Between even the royal family and our dear Commodore is, of course, the Admiral. Remember from our history lesson that the Admiral is the highest-ranking officer in the Navy. Again, because Idenau is at peace, the Navy’s role these days is mainly to defend shipping from pirates. This rarely requires sweeping strategic decisions, and the Admiral (also a flish, of course) is mainly a figurehead and spends most of his time relaxing at court. The commodores stationed in various harbor towns and fortresses along the coast get the dirty work done and report to him. As for the vice admiral – the position is no longer extant. After the War, no one was eager to fill the position due to the rumors and suspicion surrounding it.

Got any more questions about the Navy? Idenian pirates? Pirates in general? Heave to, me hearties!