In firm opposition to Havoc, the god of chaos and unpredictability, Norma is the goddess of stability, comfort and familiarity. Normafest is a feast festival of gratitude, held at harvest time, two months and two days before Havocfest. It is celebrated on Norma’s Day, the second day of the week, and in modern times people are usually given the day before and the day after off of work (even at Castle Skärva!). Normafest marks the official end of summer, the warm and stable season associated with the goddess, and the beginning of fall, the season of change and entropy associated with Havoc.

Due to its association with the harvest, Normafest has been celebrated very routinely and widely throughout Idenau’s history from ancient times by all species with an awareness of the gods. The exception is the demons, who typically did not celebrate godly festivals other than Havocfest during the many generations they spent isolated in the caves – and particularly not that of Norma, partly because traditional farming was never a part of their culture, and partly because she is Havoc’s divine opposite. However, most demons do celebrate Normafest now, either having adopted it into their own households or with friends.

Norma is associated with things like family and nostalgia, and her holiday is the most important day for family reunions. It is considered important, when possible, for people to travel to where they grew up and celebrate with the relatives they still have in the area. But the location is not as important as who the day is spent with; even with the drama that relatives often bring, to spend Normafest without family is considered very sad.

Normafest is also the biggest food day of the year in Idenau, with people contributing their favorite traditional dishes to the biggest feast their family can muster. While there is usually a centerpiece of some kind of meat, there is no standard menu for Normafest and the food varies from family to family. However, most households do make certain reliable dishes and desserts that they can look forward to every year, in keeping with the spirit of Norma.

Castle Skärva has traditionally held a massive Normafest feast, feeding not only the lordly family but also any servants/minions who are unable to travel or have no place to go.