Light is the god of creation and beginnings, whose power is said to have brought Idenau into being and provided his namesake by which people can view the world. Although he is associated with spring and renewal, his festival is in midwinter to provide hope and celebrate the warmth and love that will help people get through the rest of the cold season. Lightfest marks the new year in Idenau and incorporates many elements of a joyous midwinter festival.

Exchanging presents is a big part of Lightfest. The original idea was that, in the spirit of Light, people should create personalized gifts from the heart. Due to time constraints, over the years the concept has evolved so that most gifts given are store-bought. However, many people try hard to make at least some handcrafted gifts for the people they love.

Religiously, Lightfest is a huge day, with the devout attending ceremonies on Lightfest Eve as well as Lightfest itself to thank the gods and pray for an early spring. Traditionally, creation stories, verses about the necessary roles of each god, and other myths are read during the services. There are many traditional hymns and secular songs associated with Lightfest as well.

Lightfest decorations are very distinctive and include decking homes with evergreen plants to remind people of the spring to come. To honor the god, it is also a festival of light; enchanted candles and other magical glowing objects of many colors decorate the inside and outside of houses. In recent decades in New Idenau, technological improvement has seen the rise of electrical lights for those with less access to magic. “Bright Lightfest!” is the common phrase of well-wishing that people utter during the holiday season.