Hello everyone! We don’t have any new lore about Idenau to reveal today, but we do have some treats for you!

First of all, I recently put together this art retrospective that quickly explores the progress I made in 2013. Once I actually looked back at the art itself, this year seemed a lot longer, with a lot more going on for the comic, than I’d thought. It’s really encouraging and I look forward to where the future takes me, especially as I try to take an even more active role in training and improving myself in 2014!

Second, my friend made me an incredible Christmas present that delighted me to the core. I’ve finally got it up for you all to see! So feast your eyes on some gorgeous interpretations of the characters here at Super Smash Fourth!

Finally, I’m vowing to be better about keeping our social media updated this year – notifying you of every update, and other fun stuff! (I’m considering featuring some of the lovely, thoughtful and funny comments you guys leave – at least on the tumblr.)

So check out our tumblr and Facebook and give us a follow and/or a like. What could it hurt, eh?

FINALLY I uploaded a couple of awesome new Fan Art pieces!

Do enjoy, friends!