Greetings, all!

First, an apology. Multiple apologies.

I realize the comic has been consistently a day or so late recently. This week I had hoped that by skipping Monday’s comic I could catch up, but it was an exceptionally rough week health and stress wise. Beyond that, I’ve just been having major problems working on the comic lately, which saddens me because I love it so much.

So this update is taking longer than normal because I decided to scrap some of what I already had and try out a subtle difference in the way I draw. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a huge change (not like that time with the sudden shading). But it lets me have more fun, brings The Fourth more into line with the way my art outside of its pages has been evolving, and refreshes my love for drawing the pages themselves.

Basically, I want the lineart to be more like this:


This slightly rougher feel is what I’ve been using for almost all of my non-comic drawings for months, and I’ve really fallen in love with it. I also feel it works better with the textures I usually employ in the backgrounds (and sometimes even on characters) and will help make the pages a more cohesive whole.

But of course, if you all hate it, or I don’t like it so much after all, I can always just say it was a special 300th comic thing.

I deeply regret having to miss this day too. I really didn’t mean for this week to turn into a hiatus, and I’d love to try to pump this comic out, but a raging headache says otherwise. I wanted to at least provide you with the above picture today, which was done as a request by one of our readers as part of an “OC Art Challenge” on tumblr. Nicole/Ecadia requested the main trio dressed for a formal dinner! Whenever the next challenge comes out, whatever it is, I’ll be sure to solicit you guys in the comments too for requests. Don’t forget to follow the Idenau tumblr to see this kind of stuff as I finish it.

Finally, I just added a couple of wonderful new pictures to the fan art page. They are really fantastic, but you’re going to have to go over there yourself to see them (just in case you’ve never been)!

Have a great weekend, friends. I’ll see you on Monday. Pinky promise, cross my heart.