Hi friends!

Sorry about the rocky update schedule lately. Longtime followers of the comic will know that I am hardly the picture of perfect health, and I’ve had a few particular struggles with energy and breathing lately. My pacemaker is due to have run out of battery right about now, so if that’s the case then my heart is beating much slower than a normal human’s! I have an appointment with a doctor soon and hopefully will be able to set things in motion to feel better. Yes, your cyborg artist needs to get her batteries changed.

So in the meantime, thanks for your patience. Me and Victor are going to work this weekend to get the rest of this arc planned out so I can prioritize updates most efficiently and get things back on track. I know you guys are going to say “Don’t worry about it, take your time!” because you’re awesome and that’s what awesome readers of free entertainment do. But I want to show you guys the end of this arc and get back to our main story (and Lorelei, Davis and Cyril) just as much as you want to see it!

See you Wednesday,