Hey all!

As you’ve doubtless noticed, for the past couple months, updates have been pretty scarce. This is quite uncharacteristic of us, as usually we’re pretty obsessive about keeping you up to date with when you can expect the next comic, and our largest hiatus so far was two weeks.

However, a whole lot of adult worries have been thrown at us recently. From Victor and I both having new jobs, to some art commissions that people close to me have requested, to looking for and finding a new place to live, dealing with moving our things as well as all of the other hassles involved with changing homes… it hasn’t been easy for me to find time to draw the comic, or for Victor to find his humor. Even if I didn’t spend any time undwinding, I might be able to get out one comic a week right now, maybe.

I do feel super guilty and bad that all of this is taking place, ESPECIALLY so soon after our fourth anniversary. I can promise that we’ll be back in action in August, since we’ll have to be all moved in by then one way or the other. Thanks for sticking with us.