And we’re back! Sorry about the brief hiatus; life happened. But it’s good to be back; I need this comic and I need you guys!

I actually colored part of this with people watching! It’s the very first time I’ve streamed art. For updates on when I might do so in the future, it might be best to follow me on twitter.

Edit: Oh, I meant to point this out. Why does Ecta have to hide, you may ask? Well, it’s easy to overlook this since so many ghosts work for Skärva and reside in the castle, but you may have noticed that you don’t really see them out and about much like you do the other species of Idenau (Salamandrians, of course, have to stay near the coasts for biological reasons). As we suggested in the encyclopedia entry for ghosts, they unfortunately are treated with fear and disrespect by most Idenians, as reminders of death and omens of evil since their very existence is often the result of a curse. It’s one reason why the undead tend to form their own communities, such as Cattail Crossing.