Hey everyone!

These doodles are based on requests for specific characters, taken from a list of scenarios/expressions on tumblr.

Now, the fun thing is that I streamed the creation of these! You can follow me on Twitch, as I hope to stream the drawing of the comic in the future, as well as other things. And games! I just had my first foray into streaming games this weekend, and… let me tell you. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

As for the actual comic, we’re in a difficult spot right now – Victor’s trying to get the ending of this arc just right, and I’m directing a play, which has been leaving me pretty drained, to say the least. I need to devote my mental resources to that, so I feel like I can’t give the comic my best right now. Updates will be spotty and random for the next few weeks, but hopefully after that we’ll get back on track and finish this arc up around our 5th birthday this summer!

Love you all!