Wow, a lot has happened since our last update. Let me give you a little run down….

1- The play! Yes, the play I was directing went off… well, I won’t say without a hitch, but it went pretty well! The performances got lots of laughs, I got some very positive encouragement, and it was overall a great learning experience for me. I’ll be doing another one in the fall, but let’s not think about that yet.

2- Streaming. It’s my excuse to play more video games (because if I’m sharing it with people, I feel less guilty). I also have been streaming art occasionally! Oh, speaking of Smithy, I’m currently playing Super Mario RPG. It’s usually on the weekends, but I’m doing certain weekdays too (like tonight!) Follow me on Twitter or directly on Twitch if you want to know when I’m active.

3- The comic. We’re really close to the end of this arc, thank the gods. Aside from the play’s demands, I think I just needed a little break. But we’re ready to jump back in!

4- I was part of a really great article my friend wrote!! Check it out. It explores the trope that mental illness is beneficial or even necessary for creativity, with the writer and artists concluding: it’s not.

How have YOU been?