Yay! Back AGAIN!
To be honest, we’ve been stalled for the past few months not due to lack of time/desire to work on the comic, but rather, an eternal foe: writer’s block. The next chapter of The Fourth involves balancing a few important arcs with differing timelines, and it was hard to work it all out in a way that allowed our characters room to breathe and grow and tell the stories we wanted to tell. In addition, with the college arc here, we wanted to show a different side to each of the minions and their underlying motivations, without falling into cliches as regards either their characters or college stories as a whole. But… finally, we think we’ve got it!

We’ve worked hard on what’s coming up, and think you’ll enjoy it. So check back every Monday because we have a buffer of comics written :)

Hoping that you and your loved ones are well during this time. Stay home and read some webcomics!
-Courtney and Victor