Sorry this one is a day late, friends. I was set to spend all last week working on this page, and then… Victor and I discovered we had a mouse taking up residence in our kitchen. Y’know, where we make food and stuff. Which is really the best thing during a global health crisis! Now you can worry about catching a disease inside your home AND out!

So this week has been a mess of emergency trips to the store, deep cleaning the kitchen (in some cases, the same things repeatedly), investigating our cabinets and walls for any possible holes/gaps/entryways, stuffing them all up with steel wool, leaving treats out overnight to see when and if we had solved the problem, not to mention catching the darn thing (in a humane trap! I let it go in a local park). Adorable little jerk who ruined our week. Problem solved, though… we think…

Hope things have been better for you!

Oh, and Floyd has this whole suitcase but I imagine Davis puts the one possession he brought with him (his bowtie) in the drawer when he sleeps. Just this one bowtie rattling around in there.